Bremic Finland Oy is a company which specialises in high quality corporate gifts and giveaways. The company was founded in 2019.

We are a young company but have a strong expertise from the sector. The company founder, Mikael Hanslin, has worked in the sector for 17 years, with positions in sales, training and management. We have the enthusiasm and skill to customise the solutions to suit the customers’ needs.

We are constantly improving our services and product selection. The search for new, innovative products is ongoing, and we’re also very interested in private label opportunities.

If Your company has high quality corporate gifts or giveaways, please contact us.

Mr. Mikael Hanslin
Tel. +358 44 049 1336
email: [email protected]

Bremic Finland Oy
Kisällinkuja 12
70780 Kuopio
Tel: +358 440 491336
email: [email protected]

044 049 1336

Kisällinkuja 12, 70780 Kuopio

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